Tourist Shooting…

Every now and then I’m given an opportunity to shoot like a tourist. By that I mean, I am given an assignment at a location and am told just to wander around and take photos of things. Just like a tourist. Last week I had scheduled to visit the IMA, right here in Indianapolis Indiana.

These kinds of assignments are nice because it’s exactly as I mentioned earlier; I just walk around and shoot things, looking for the artsy stuff that show off the place that I’m at. The photo below shows a lot of the foliage that the IMA has to offer. The amount of Foliage is one of my favorite things about the IMA, as I like trees, grass, flowers, plants, and the like. Not that I could identify them, or that I grow them at home necessarily; I just like to see and smell them while they are in a large herd.

I like to call this style, shooting like a tourist, as the venue’s are usually pretty beautiful and anybody with a cell phone camera could take a photo that’s probably going to be pretty awesome. As I was there in tourist fashion I wish I’d have been able to visit my friend Kate, who works there as the New Media Manager. Unfortunately there wasn’t time to see her, and I ended up wandering the gardens alone chasing butterflies as if they were cars. These places need photos too though, just like sugar cubes, cardboard boxes, or tiny screws. People love going to these places because they aren’t like normal. They aren’t the inside of a cubicle, they aren’t the back of a pickup truck,and they most certainly aren’t cutting the grass.

Overall it was a nice day to wander around. Take a bit of a departure from doing the little logistical paperwork things that fill up the down times in the profession as a photographer. It was nice to go and do something mindless, nice to take time to smell the flowers, if you will. More Soon.