The Rundown…

So it’s been a lot longer than my normal hiatus of blogging, and I can’t even say that I’m sorry I’ve been busy. I’m sorry I haven’t blogged, but not that I’ve been busy. Over the last week I’ve covered more than my fair share of variety.

Shot that for Prudential Corporate to go with their online and print marketing for all of Indianapolis.

That’s a White gold pendant that I shot for Midwest Coin and Jewelry in Nora Indiana, to go into full page newspaper ads.

That was shot to go with a Transportation story about becoming a trucker in a Careerbuilder Special section.

That’s a new promo shot for Adrianne from Metromix Indianapolis. Some people may remember the last set of promo’s here.

This was an article about cleaning Dust out of ductwork to keep your heating and cooling bills down. This was for an article in Green Indy.

Last but not least, that’s a photo from the the NRG Third Alarms vs the Rockford Rage. Made a special trip back up to where I grew up to see some friends just to be able to shoot this bout.

So there you have it, kind of a rundown as to some of the things I’ve been doing over the last week. Not a lot of technical shooting info this week, as much of it is just an update that I am still alive, and cranking. Have a bunch of phone calls I need to return, and if you’re one of them I promise that you aren’t forgotten. I’ll get back to you as I can. Am working on some potential food clients, couple of weddings coming up, have a behind the scenes video for the ninja’s over at that I’m putting together, and already have a few of the NRG 2011 Calendar shoots written out. Things are about to get very exciting, very quickly. More soon.