The first……

Chase Jarvis posted this on his blog, and I loved it so much I had to post it here. I follow Chase Jarvis’s blog as well as a few other photographers that I find to be phenomenal in their own ways. Look to the link bar on the right of my blog to see some of these amazing people.

Anyway, Chase makes the point that it’s tough to be the first one to do something. Not only do you have to be different, but you have to make people see the reason behind your ways (or lack there of). I completely agree. It’s tough to break the mold, and tackle something either new, or in a new way. The guy in the video proves that you can have a great results though.

If anything I hope you just get a laugh out of the video. I think Chase said it best to end his post and since I got this from him I might as well give him more credit: “Someone’s got to be first, why not make it you?”