The Del Webb Press…

The name suggests that it’s a newspaper that I used to work for, or it’s a newspaper in and of itself but that’s totally not the case. Del Webb is a community set aside for only people age 55 and older who are retired, but still active in their lifestyle. What am I doing there might you ask? Where else do you think I’ll find a better pool? They have boccie ball courts too, which is astounding as I always just used to play with obstacles in the back yard. I always thought that’s the way it was supposed to be played… Either way, it’s quite the place and they put out a new publication for it’s residents every quarter named the Del Webb Press, which as I’m sure you’ve guessed by now, I shoot most of.

(Canon EOS5D Mark II, 400ISO Canon 70-200mmF2.8L IS@70mm. 1/125th@F6.3. Single Canon 580EX set to 1/2 power to camera right shot through a 20″ SPI Softbox fired by Pocket Wizard. Single Canon 580EX set to 1/4th power zoomed to 50mm bare bulb pointed at the Hoopes’s from behind out of frame to the left.)

That’s the Hoopes’s practicing their Yoga. Mr. Hoopes said that in the time he’s been doing this he notices things he wasn’t able to do before, when he was quite a bit younger. He also said that he felt it has improved his golf game significantly. I don’t know about anyone else, but if your golf game is like mine I’ll hear out his theory on yoga for improvement….

(Canon EOS1D Mark II, 320ISO, Canon EF24-70mmF2.8L@70mm. 1/1000th@F8.)

That’s Bob. Bob just started golfing at the end of last year, but he was immediately hooked. They have a league out at Del Webb that he plays in every week. It was absolutely killing me out there to not be playing, but I was also thankful that these guys weren’t showing me up at the same time. Speaking of showing me up, this is Jan Wahn, and she was willing to run on a Treadmill for me with a Sprained ankle. I don’t know what she eats to give her a will like that, but I want it.

(Canon EOS5D Mark II, 100ISO, Canon EF70-200mmF2.8L IS@75mm. 1/160th@F4. Single Canon 580EX Speedlight zoomed to 70mm Set to 1/4th power fired by pocket wizard shot through a 43″ umbrella to camera right about 8 feet in front and slightly above Jan)

I didn’t make her run on the treadmill, as you can see from this photo. What you can’t see in this photo is that her right ankle is swelled up, and slightly larger than her left one. She was a trooper though like I said. I couldn’t bear to make her run on the Treadmill, but she did offer. Several times.

Britton falls has quite a few ammenities there, and I’ll tell you that if I ever make it to the age where I can move in there, it wouldn’t be a bad deal at all. The residents all got together and bought a piano for in the chateau because their old one wasn’t very nice. Each resident owned a key, and there was a chart so that you could see which key each resident that donated owned. It was really neat. This photo was of the two residents that set the whole thing up and made it happen; Vicki and Keith.

(Canon EOS5D Mark II, 200ISO, Canon EF16-35mmF2.8L@16mm. 1/60th@F7.1. Single Canon 580EX Speedlight to above camera right set to 1/4th power zoomed to 105mm shot through a 42″ umbrella fired by Pocket Wizard. Single 580EX Speedlight zoomed out to 14mm with the little plastic diffuser set to 1/2 power fired by Pocket Wizard laying on a table behind the wall to camera left to illuminate the games area behind Keith and Vicki.)

If you’re interested you can see and read the Full Publication HERE. It’ll be some time before I’m back out there, but it’s always a pleasure. Most of the residents remember my name, and are usually very excited to see me. By far it’s not one of the worst things that I have to do for the Indianapolis Star Media Group. More Soon.