Taking a Walk…

Sometimes when you do something full time you lose sight of what it is that you are actually doing.  You don’t necessarily lose the passion, the vision, the skills, or anything like that; but you lose just the art of what you are doing itself.  Art is an important word in the world of photography because it describes the process of what you are doing, as well as more often than not the final result.  For that reason as a photographer I can only recommend that some days you just need to go out and take a walk.

A few weeks ago we got my girlfriend Shannon a Nikon D7000 from my buds over at Roberts.  She’s totally excited about being able to document the world from her point of view in the unequaled clarity that the D7000 provides.  The shots on the blog are the shots that I took with a 5D Mark II while she and I went for a walk last night.  Simple photo walk, simple out and about, simple just going out and taking photos just to do it.  If you’re looking for EXIF data on these images, you’re not getting the point.

The only thing I continue to think while looking at that photo is that I wish it could be straight on perpendicular with the wall.  Took this from the table Shannon and I were eating at while we were at Yats on Massachusets ave.  Unfortunately I did move further out and there was a building reflected in the window instead of the cool blue sky and tree so I think this one is the winner for me.  I don’t know, I thought my series on trees was done and stagnant.  Never did anything with em, just kind of stopped taking them because I ran out of ways to look at the trees.  That’s what the walk is for though I guess; to look at things a little differently, to shoot for the sake of shooting and not caring what the settings on the camera are.  To take the photos to be as meaningful or meaningless as you want to which you can either display them, store them, or delete them because they only matter as much as you let them.

So we walked.  And we talked.  And we ate.  And we laughed.  And we chased birds and cars and made the photos that we made because we wanted to.  Most of my photos ended up of trees and such, and most of hers ended up being of birds.  We had a good time.  Next time I want to try to get her to go to the Robert’s photo walk with my  buds Nick and Derek and see what we can both learn from them.  They were at the IMA Gardens last night, (imagine how many stinkin tree photos I’d have taken there…) and the weather turned out to be pretty nice. Be sure to watch out for their photo walkers photos here.  I don’t see anything from last night up there yet, but I’m sure it’ll be flooded with goodness soon.  Until then though I’m going to post another tree photo.  Maybe this series of mine isn’t closed after all.  More soon.