Last week I had the pleasure and fortune to be able to take a group of photographers out to shoot an Indy Eleven Soccer game here in Indianapolis as a Sports Photography Workshop with Roberts Camera.  I love doing workshops like this, because its really great to see people finally start to get some of the photos they have always wondered how to make on the sidelines of a sport.  Sure, not every shot is in focus, sure you can’t catch every moment, but this is still so much better and cooler than sitting in the nosebleeds yea? The possibilities are almost endless!

(My shot from the evening.  Nikon D850, 3200ISO, 1/1000th@F4. Nikon 200-400F4@200mm)

In the workshop we usually go over focal lengths, and auto focus settings as well as any number of other concerns that might arise like where you can and cannot go during a match and what to look for in terms of prediction or following the action.  Overall it seemed like everybody had a great time (including myself) and everyone got a few shots they are very happy with.  In fact, Here are some of those shots!


(Photo by Naser Alawadhi, Nikon D810)


(Photo by Mike Coulombe, Nikon D5600)


(Photo by Mike Severini, Fuji X-T20)


(Photo by Kate Gregg, Nikon D700)

(Photo by Josie Frankel, Canon 7D Mark II)

(Photo by Corey Williams)

(Photo by Chase Huotari)

Extra thanks to everybody who came out for the workshop it was a blast!  It was a great group and I look forward to seeing more on line later of what everybody shot at the event.  Roberts Camera and I are working on getting a Football Photography workshop on the books sometime too, as well as we are headed out to the RedBull Air Race. It’s not just me and Robert’s for the air Race, Sigma bringing loaner gear in Canon and Nikon to try out! No extra charge! Free loaner gear! Head over to Roberts Camera’s website for more info!  More soon.