At the end of last year, I was approached by a publishing company in Three Lakes Wisconsin named, Cole Publishing about an assignment for one of their magazines. Cole publishing is responsible for several magazines including, “Cleaner”, “Pumper”, “TPO” – (Treatment Plant Operator), “OnSite Installer”, “Pro Monthly”, “Municipal Sewer & Water, “Gas Oil and Mining Contractor”, and “Water System Operator”. You can only imagine my thoughts and curiosity when I got the email asking me about shooting photos for Cleaner Magazine, which focuses on the folks that maintain commercial and residential Sewer and drains. Either way, the project put me in touch with the fine folks out at Mr. Rooter and this is that story.

That’s Bob, and he is for all intents and purposes “Mr. Rooter”. Bob has owned the Indianapolis Area Mr. Rooter for the last several years and has been incredibly happy doing so. For me, the job was a referral from my friend Chris Bergin who was already shooting something for them the afternoon they needed the job done. Some of you reading this will know Chris, and if you don’t you should go check out his website. The article that Cole Publishing was writing about them was called “Promoting Success”, and I was told it was a potential to be the cover story. I didn’t actually even know the name of the article at the time, nor did I really know much about what was being written; or what to expect from witnessing what is referred to a “Pipe Burst Job”. I was however excited because lets face it; I’m easily excitable for one, and for two I love learning new things.

So the afternoon came around, and I went to meet Bob at one of his worksites. The worksite wasn’t quite what the magazine looking for so we went to a residential area where not really a whole lot of plumbing was being done as much as masonry replacing a sidewalk. The portraits turned out well as is proven by the fact that one ended up being on the cover of the magazine, but in the end I had to make a second appointment to go back out because more work related photos were needed. Not really anybody’s fault, and there was nothing wrong with the original set. There just was not enough Sewer and Drain Maintenance going on using specialized equipment. Sometimes on assignments like this; that kind of thing happens and it would take another visit out to the Mr. Rooter team to get what was needed; which you see below.

For round two I again had two worksites to visit. Got the shots that were needed. Got them to the magazine, and that was it. The second visit was much easier and quicker than the first. Not having to be prepared to shoot a formal portrait can help in the amount of gear packed, which can also help with setup and cleanup time. Until a day or two ago when Cory at Cole Publishing emailed me about the magazine having come out I had no idea what had ever come of the photos, much less that one had been chosen for the cover. (check out the full magazine here) Sort of a nice way to brighten a photographer’s day, especially when that day was somewhat stressful thanks to a packed schedule. I never get tired of seeing my stuff being used in print (or online) to tell a story, illustrate a purpose, advertise or otherwise. It’s one of the great joys of being a photographer I think. The sad part is that I’ve got thousands of images that will never be used in that way. I still love having them, and having taken them, but it just goes to show that sometimes it takes quite a few shots in order to get the ones you need.

Something that can also be really funny is how perspective changes after an assignment. Before November I never noticed the number of Mr. Rooter trucks driving around Indianapolis. Now I feel like I see one everywhere I go. Not such a bad thing for Mr. Rooter, that’s for sure. Kind of like when you buy a car, you start seeing them all over. Wonder what I’ll start seeing next…. More Soon.