Scary Hot Stuff…..

Scary hot can be a term used to describe so many things. The Sun for example can be considered scary hot. After all it probably is the hottest thing us as humans know to exist; other than of course another star someplace else…. either way it’s the closest hottest thing we know of. Personally right now I’d describe the amount of work I’ve had to do as Scary Hot. I can’t complain whatsoever, however it’s detracted from certain things that I should be doing as a typical 25 year old, like having boatloads of fun (sometimes even on a boat…), Blogging…, sleeping, eating glue, accepting candy from strangers, and did I say sleeping?

I’ve been doing a lot of side shooting from the newspaper lately on top of what was already a wicked busy time at the newspaper; and that’s been excellent. I can not complain at all as a lot of the stuff I’ve done recently has really worked out for me in the end. The amount of hours and time I’ve spent awake and shooting the last few weeks. That can definitely be considered being Scary Hot right now. Honestly though I love what I do and despite the fact that I may not make it out to a bar on some weekends or do some of the things that a typical 25 year old does; I’m cool with it. It’s a little bit of prospecting mixed with a dash of already found, along with a pinch of slightly off my rocker that makes for a good combination of photography; at least in my world anyway. Especially when you have to do some things exceedingly quickly in some cases.

That was a 5 minute portrait that I shot at the Fight with Flight last weekend. Some people who read this will have seen it already, and some won’t. I wanted to shoot a portrait of a Redbull girl while at the RedBull Fight with Flight event because I was there for myself; and that’s what I wanted to do. In the Newspaper Biz a 5 minute portrait is usually 4:30 longer than whomever you are shooting figures it needs to be. Either way, it turned out pretty solid for very little planning and a little faith in the Nikon iTTL system. I was pleased with the result, and so was the lovely Emily. Most of what I do is on such a tight deadline, you need to be setup and ready to go before you even go and get the talent into the room. After all, their time is worth more than yours (whether that’s true or not, if you think that way you’ll never be in trouble). You can get in trouble though, because Emily is a Senior in High School. Does she fit into the Scary Hot category? HECK YEA. I’m pretty sure she’s got to be 18 to work for RedBull, but just goes to show you never know….

With other events in mind I’m sure everybody noticed all the advertisements around for the, “Big Game.” I won’t even lie that since the term “Big Game”, is somewhat ambiguous I’m going to agree with my friend Grand Ref Otto (Grand Theft Otto to the drunks). We are pretty sure everybody who mentioned “The Big Game” was referring to the roller derby bout last weekend. The Naptown Tornado Sirens beat Memphis last weekend and it was an awesome bout to see. You can check out the photos from that event here.

Speaking of the Roller Derby, and 5 minute portraits; that’s the lovely miss “Kickabroad Crane”. Rumor is that she’s so touch she broke her foot while kickin a$$ and she kept on kickin. Literally, she was wearing one of those plastic boot things you get from the doctor after breaking your foot, so she was easy to commandeer to be a light test subject for something I wanted to see. Simple 2 light setup, not much photoshop required except to put the two shots together which was easy enough that I managed to figure it all out in just a few minute. I need to come up with a derby name that is somewhat mormon related so that way I can have many derby wives, becuase lots of these ladies would definitely fit into that description of Scary Hot that I mentioned earlier in the blog. That photo was taken tonight at the Practice Base after I got done taking the photos of the Freshest Fresh Meat for the programs at an upcoming away bout. Simple. Easy. I like it. I could definitely use more of the simple easy. More Soon.