Practice Makes Perfect…..ish

So I must be doing something right with the blog as someone reminded me today that it had been about a week since my last updated. In the last week I have been absolutely insanely busy so I guess I’m not surprised that I hadn’t noticed, but I am here now with all sorts of factoids, and marginally interesting anecdotes from the last couple of days to spread onto the internets like a thin layer of peanut butter. Last week when I posted the blog about weddings I was waiting for the one and only Heather (as seen in this blog post). I was waiting for her to pick me up to go to the airport as I was traveling to Sioux Falls South Dakota with the Naptown Roller girls for their first WFTDA sanctioned bout of Season 4.

(Nikon D700, 6400ISO, Nikon 18-35mmF3.5-F4.5@18mm. 1/80th@F3.5)

As I’ve said in the past Sports in general are tough to shoot and this derby bout was no slouch in itself. The venue was an expo hall that had literally just gotten done being the fair. It was 50 degrees in the venue, super wicked dark, and it smelled like Manure. How’s that for motivation? Motivation to not sit on the floor that is (which of course I did, because well……….I’m that guy.) Anyway, the girls played hard and suffered a tough loss. As usual I was extremely glad to be allowed to go. Southwest Airlines had other plans for my return home, but that’s another story; possibly a story involving my hatred for the severely antiquated, “paper plane ticket”. The halftime show was remote control cars, which if I do say so myself were freakin sweet. The only problem is that at 1/400th a second at 8,000ISO i couldn’t stop them mid air off the jumps. They might be the grainiest blurriest photos of something moving in the dark that I’ve ever shot. (Other than when I print things on sandpaper eat oreo cookies over my opened camera that is…) If there was a dial on my camera that read studio photos on one side, and super insanely dark you’ll never get the shot otherwise on the other; my camera was just below the insane side. I’m glad I got to practice shooting before the home season starts though; it’s always good to get a bit of a warm up. You can look at the rest of the pictures from the trip here.

(Nikon D3, 1600ISO, Nikon 70-200mmF2.8VR@125mm. Nikon SB900 behind camera left zoomed to 200mm Fired by pocket wizard about 30 feet off the track taped to the outer railing of a set of bleachers set to 1/16th power. Nikon SB900 behind camera right zoomed to 200mm Fired by pocket wizard about 40 feet off the track taped to the outer railing of a set of bleachers set to 1/16th power. Both Speedlights were aimed at Turn 1.)

I did get a new camera at work this week though, and I’ve been using it non stop to run it through the rigors. I am no longer allowed to say that I am not allowed to have nice things as they purchased me a brand spankin new Canon 5D Mark II. I dig the resolution but the autofocus is a little slow and from what I can tell not quite as accurate as I like. Great camera though, and the video is what it was primarily purchased for anyway. Speaking of video, I produced another Gunner video this week at the Butler Homecoming. It was with the other HD camera at the office, but it is hot through the internet tubes as of this morning. The Chariot Race was neat for sure, and Gunner seemed to really be a hit with the students. You can check that video out here.

I’ll post more of what I’ve done this week as it goes live, but as I’ve said I’ve been working a lot of video this week. In fact I even spent some time practicing with the 5D Mark II’s video as it is Manual Focus Only when it comes to video. Some would say that is a downfall, I’d prefer to think it’ll just take a little longer to adapt to. Practice makes perfect is what I’m told, but I’d prefer to think that the more I practice the luckier I get. It always seemed that way with golf anyway. I really look forward to the possibilities that this camera has. My 8 extreme long term readers will remember when I shot the Music video for KJ Testin earlier this year with a 5D mark II. If you don’t remember, you can check it out here. To get a little practice in the hopes that I might get lucky with it I shot some video at Roller Derby practice tonight. I’m working on throwing something together with it, but I’m not going to lie iMovie is the only thing I have on this computer and I hate it, so you’ll have to wait. I think maybe now I’ve got a few ideas for at the newspaper as well as for the Roller Derby rolling around inside my noodle. You’ll just have to wait and see. More soon.