P7000 Photo Walk…

Last night my girlfriend Shannon and I had a very unique opportunity thanks to Roberts Distributors and Nikon and were treated to a photo walk with 25 of our closest friends in a contest to find the best photo out of a provided Nikon P7000.  That’s right, Nikon came out with my pal Jeff Penn and Jason the Tech Wizard of the future (or the present, I’m not really sure, but he drove from Michigan to come to this), with 25 Nikon P7000 cameras for everyone to play with for an opportunity to try them out, as well as potentially win a Roberts $100 gift card.  As if I don’t spend enough money there, if I won a gift card it would probably be only a fraction of what I’d actually spend.  But I digress.  I don’t own a point and shoot, and the Nikon P7000 is Nikon’s top of the line Mecca of Point and shoots.  While this isn’t a review, I’ll put a few of my thoughts in there periodically about how this puppy worked.

(Nikon P7000, 200ISO, Lens at 8.8mm zoom (35mm EQ of 41mm), 1/250th@F8)

The cameras are sweet.  They have all the functionality of SLR’s (for the most part), in a small package that is small enough to take anyplace.  I found a few of the controls somewhat confusing, and possibly discombobulating as well as I had quite a bit of trouble with the Macro settings but I believe it was Jason that either set me straight or informed me that I was just stupid.  (although I suppose either of the two possibilities is actually setting me straight…).

There was a good turnout with about 25 people turned up to try out the camera and get a bit of fresh air.  Nick and Derek were there to chase people with a 400 watt Quadra Pack moderate, and make sure that everybody got their instructions on how to enter the contest.  I’ll probably lose the contest by posting my images now instead of sending just two in, but that’s ok I’d rather put the stuff up and have it be seen.  Nobody has put their stuff up yet, so I guess I’ll be that guy and tip my cards.  I’ll probably still send an image or two in, but if I don’t do it now I’ll forget and eventually just not care to post them to the Photo Walk gallery.  Of which, my shots can be seen here, and the whole groups shots (if and when they get posted) can be seen here.

(Nikon P7000, 100ISO, Lens at 42.6mm (35mm Equivilent of 200mm), 1/160th@F8)

Not gunna lie, I felt somewhat uninspired by all the greenery, although I did get a couple shots that I liked.  I suppose that’s why I’m not much of a Landscape photographer.  That and my gallery has 8 images, but my memory card had 147… Last time I went to a park specifically for taking pictures was out at the IMA before they changed their whole, shoot now shoot later and shoot for free policy.  Now if you’re out there as anything other than a tourist you’re in $$$$.  Of course that time I was also on Indystar’s dollar working on a Things to do in Indy section as I recall.  This was completely different as I was told about this event with  Nikon and Shannon and I just wanted to go; so I called and got us some spots.

(Nikon P7000, 400ISO, 6mm (35mm Equivilent of 28mm), 1/30th@F2.8.  Camera set to Tungsten White balance to provide the creepy effect)

I’d say the day was a success for Nikon and for Roberts.  Who knows what will happen with the gift card and the other 25 participant’s photos.  (still haven’t seen anybody else post theirs).  I think everybody enjoyed it, and as you’d expect Shannon and I were into it enough that we were the last two out with the cameras to the point that Jeff, Jason, and Derek were all waiting on us to come back so they could leave.  The Nikon P7000 seemed more than capable for random out and about shooting, but definitely no replacement for my D3s.  If I could go back and shoot some stuff a bit differently I’d do it for sure, but hindsight is after all 20/20.  Look forward to the possibility of more of these events though.  Keep your eyes peeled for photos to be uploaded here.  Since there’s a hundred bucks on the line, I’m sure there’s a good chance there will be some solid ones.  If anything the next time you go outside for some fresh air, take a camera.  You never know if you’ll get something you like. More Soon.