Keeper of the Outtakes….

That should be the title of the profession that I keep as opposed to Photographer. Every Photographer has outtakes, it’s a fact of life. Pictures of people with their eyes closed, their fingers up their nose, a goofy face, and there’s always the good photo that is immediately followed by the ubiquitous phrase; “That better not go anywhere!”.

As soon as she stepped onto the black paper her phone rang, thus causing this immediate reaction. We all had a good laugh about it, right as she said exactly what you’d guess: “That better not go anywhere!”. Oops. Turns out I don’t listen very well, as so many of the people I’ve photographed have mentioned in the past. But what’s the fun in having some of these if nobody sees them? That’s where things get really tough because there are lots of GOOD photos that people don’t ever see either and for a photographer that’s especially frustrating.

I shot that photo for the latest issue of the Indiana Nursing Quarterly Magazine. Unfortunately this shot wasn’t chosen to be in the magazine. My assignment was to show these two administrators furthering their careers through teaching. The problem that I faced in this shoot was that there were no students…..

The shot was taken at the Sim Center in the Fairbanks hall at Methodist in Downtown Indianapolis. The Sim center is a full entire nursing floor in a hospital completely fake and replicated for students to learn in. They have dummies that they can give pulses, or even simulate having cardiac arrest. It’s really a pretty cool place if you’re a nurse; or learning to be a nurse. Speaking of nurses AND outtakes, here’s a video that probably could have stayed in the land of outtakes. Either way what other jobs can you name where you have to pay a Stripper $20 to wear the head of a lion and dance around for a minute, and go sledding all in the same week? More Soon.