Just one….

During this time of the year when things start to wind down, while taxes are being evaluated, while Christmas gifts are bought, while trying to put things on the calendar for next year; you always need to take a moment to see the actual holiday around you. Take a minute to Breathe.

I did the final critique of the Advanced Lighting class at Ivy Tech earlier this week, and after talk about Strip lights, and Gobo’s, beauty dishes, and softboxes; I always go back to a quote by the Great Frank Espich.  “God started out with one light, the Sun.  Why not try starting from there?”.  Although I heard this quote only recently I know exactly what he means, and even though I am no longer in front of that Advanced Lighting class looking at their portfolios (which were excellent for the record); I would still like to pass on the point that Frank once again reiterated to me.  Don’t make things more complicated than you have to.  Sometimes one light is more than enough.  Don’t overthink it, you might get stressed out.  The holiday’s have enough stress not photography related, so take it easy.  Take a break.  Try it with just one light.

(Canon 5D Mark II, 160ISO, Canon EF100F2.8Macro, 1/160th@F13.  Single 580EX Speedlight set to 1/8th power shot through a 32″ translucent umbrella from almost directly above the flower.  Light triggered by Pocketwizard Plus II Transciever)

On a side note I’m very disappointed and borderline stressed out at how unsharp that image actually is on blogger.  It’s only about 70% as sharp as on my computer.  Fixed this, apparently I was uploading a file that was too high res…. Either way I’m  very much looking forward to the New Blog, and Website within the week….. More Soon.