Impressive Students…

So it’s a little known fact, but I could have been the Valedictorian of my High School when I graduated. I was only narrowly beaten by 200 other students. Har har har. Ok, so maybe I wasn’t the best of students when I was in school, but I turned out somewhat ok right? Thing is, you always wonder what happens to those child wonders that enter college to do something absolutely incredible. Over the last three months I got to find out.


Christine White, Senior, IU Bloomington, World Traveler

(Nikon D4s, 80ISO, Nikon 24mmF1.4, 1/250th@F1.4.  Paul C Buff Einstein set to 1/16th through a 47″ octabox above camera left triggered by Pocket Plus X transceivers)

So as opposed to writing blog posts, for the last few months and quite a few miles I had the chance to document 10 of Indiana University’s finest students. Some are graduating and moving into graduate school or the field of their choice, and some are so impressive that they are as young as sophomores who created their own major and curriculum to follow for the duration of their schooling. That takes guts. I wouldn’t know where to begin when it comes to designing my own curriculum and I’m a teacher! Granted, I teach photography due to the fact that I have few to no other life skills, but that’s besides the point. At 18 years old, imaging what drive it would take in order to come up with your own major (not just select one) and then plan out all the pieces to get you there. They don’t just let you do it, there’s an incredible slew of paperwork involved as well as a process that requires approval by much higher academics. Trust me, it’s a very impressive thing.


Grant Mason, IU Bloomington Senior, Hutton Honors College student

(Nikon D4s, 250ISO, Nikon 14-24F2.8N@14mm.  1/100th@F4.5.  Paul Buff Einstein set to 1/8th shot through a 47″ Octabox from above camera right triggered by Pocket Wizard Plus X transceiver.  Nikon SB900 zoomed to 200mm set to SU-4 and 1/2 power in window visible in the frame to separate the newspapers from the background.)

The shoots spanned from Indianapolis, to Bloomington, New Albany Indiana and South Bend Indiana so it was a bit of time in the car but I’m pleased with how they all turned out. Most of the time I had less than an hour with my subject and then had to move on so working quickly was a big thing. Not big as in different, just big as in important. For whatever reason I get a lot of jobs where time is an issue; newspaper background likely to attribute to that. It was a great experience and even though I’m a Purdue grad I love working with the folks at Indiana University as they always have some neat ideas, and projects to make an adventure out of. Plus they let me a bit cooky when it comes to lighting, or interrupt all studying during finals week to throw newspapers around the student union when I feel the need.


Samantha Strong, Sophomore IU Bloomington, Created her own major in Journalism and BioEthics

(Nikon D4s, 50ISO, Nikon 24-70F2.8N@56mm. 1/250th@F2.8.  Nikon SB900 Speedlight zoomed to 200mm with full CTO to camera right held by my assistant Cody triggered by a Nikon SU-800 in the Camera hot shoe.  Camera’s whitebalance was set to 3030 Kelvin in order to bring Samantha back to normal color, giving the background a more moody blue feel.)

It was a very cool experience and I wish all the best to any student in any school in the future. It’s also yet again a reminder of how great it is to see work in actual printed form, vs just online.  Thank you Indiana University Alumni Magazine for making that a reality for my photography one more time.  My next post (which is already started) is about some other upcoming students that I photographed very recently at a High School Hockey tournament. Some up and comers in that group for sure especially one goalie in particular that seemed to be nothing but picked on by the opposing team.  The opposing team appeared to take every single opportunity to either take a  pot shot at the goal, or skate screaming into the goalie at full speed.  Much more so than any of the other 12 games that I photographed.  The goalie held their own though shot after shot, and later I found out that not only was that the only girl on the team, but  as far as I could tell the only girl who played in any games that day.  So some interesting photos from that day on the way.  Also on the way I’ve got a few more technical reviews to do for Roberts Camera, as well as another Sports Photography workshop coming up too. Blog is about to get busy again, so stay tuned. Sorry for the big break in posts. Thanks again for reading, and as always; more soon. (For sure this time, I promise).