Hot Bartenders, French Maids, Wedding, and Bank Robbers…. OH MY!

Wowsers what a week and weekend last week provided for me. Once again too many diet cokes, too many fast food dinners, and not enough sleep. Wait, that sounds like more of a normal week than I thought it was. Really though working overtime on the Hottest Bartenders in Indianapolis really isn’t the worst thing I have to work on at the newspaper. My point being this:

(Canon 1D Mark II ISO 250, Canon 70-200F2.8L IS @130mm F4 1/50th. 580EX Speedlight on a pocket wizard at a quarter power at camera right through a 42″ Umbrella, 580EX Speedlight at Full power into the wooden walls of the bar about 30 feet to camera left, to give the background some light and a little bit of a warm glow)

Yea it’s definitely not the worst thing I have to do, but it is a rather challenging project. When I get started I get a list of bartenders and the bar they work at. There are only a few problems with this. First is that bars are only open in the evenings, and not normally on Sunday, Monday or Tuesday. The second major problem is that any bar in their right mind won’t give out the phone number of their bartender to just anybody that asks. Especially if they are a hot bartender. So out comes my ability to be a stalker. Leaving message after message at the bar until someone gets back to me, I slowly work on my list of 40 Bartenders. In the end, I ended up with 27. It’s a little short; but it’s the most we’ve ever had.

(Canon 1D Mark II, ISO 250, 16-35mm F2.8L @32mm, F4 1/40th. 580EX speedlight on a pocket wizard set to a quarter power through a 42″ umbrella above camera right.)

(Canon 1D Mark II, ISO 200, Canon 70-200mm F2.8L IS @200mm F4, 1/100th. One Canon 580EX Speedlight triggered by pocket wizard set to half power shot through window in the hallway, another 580EX speedlight on pocket wizard at 1/16th power shot into the right side wall mirror from camera left)

(Canon 1D Mark II, Canon 16-35F2.8L @24mm. F4, 1/50th. Single 580EX speedlight triggered by pocket wizard set to half power shot into a 60″ white reflector to camera left)

(Canon 1D Mark II, Canon 70-200 F2.8L IS @140mm. F4, 1/80th. 580EX speedlight triggered by Pocket Wizard shot through a 42″ umbrella to camera right, 580EX Speedlight set to 1/8th power triggered by pocket wizard placed directly behind Sarah)

Like I’ve said twice now; not the worst project I’ve ever worked on. You can find the rest of the Hot Shots here, on Indianapolis Metromix. You will also see we have listed where you can find whomever you feel is a hottie. Don’t forget to vote either. Of course there was a nice break inbetween the bartender shenanegans. In the last post I spoke about the Hardee’s French Dip French Maid Team stopping by the newspaper. You can find the final gallery of images on Metromix here.

At about 10:30PM on Friday I got in the car and went to Elkhart for Kenny and Sarah’s Wedding. They had the most beautiful church I’d seen in the longest time. It was like a castle. Except a castle with pirates, and lasers and Ninja’s and stuff. Freakin amazing it was. Big BIG congratulations to them. Of which; this is them:

(Nikon D3,ISO 800, Nikon 70-200mm F2.8VR@180mm, F2.8, 1/60th)

Last but not least, after I got back on Sunday from the wedding, I headed towards the south side of Indy to shoot a page out of the 2010 Roller Derby calendar, and successfully destroy an SB-800 flash unit. I may exaggerate a bit, I have not seen the destroyed remains of my SB-800, but it was in the engine compartment of a an open engine 1929 Ford V8 Hot Rod as it drove away. As it rounded the corner, I asked where it was and………yea…….apparently it was last seen headed towards Canada. Or at least the West Side anyway. I can’t say much about the Derby calendar page except that these girls looked SMOKIN! Super HOT. Just to give you a general Idea though, I’ll leave you with a photo of the culprit, and it’s owners. Snapped a shot of them with their baby to thank them for letting us use it. I’ll tell you right away, this is NOT what you can expect for the Derby Calendar. Also, I believe you can see my SB-800 hard at work inside the engine compartment….More Soon.

(Nikon D3, ISO 250, Nikon 70-200F2.8VR@95mm, F5.6, 1/30th. Dynalite 400JR with reflector and 20 degree spot grid triggered by pocket wizard set to full power shot through a fence to the left. Dynalite 400JR 20′ high triggered by pocket wizard with regular reflector pointed down on the set set from camera right like a street light, set to 1/8th power. SB900 Flash unit dialed to 200mm with a snoot set to half power on SU-4 mode aimed at the head of Kevin. SB-800 Flash Unit snooted and dialed to 105mm set to half power Fired by SU-4 mode aimed at Julie’s head. SB-800 set to 1/8th power Fired by SU-4 mode sitting in the engine of the car)