Hockey Workshop Recap…

Ok so in true photographer fashion this happened about two weeks ago.  But it’s here now! and it’s in full force!  For any of you coming in confused, about two weeks ago I hosted a hockey Photography workshop with the Indy Fuel and Roberts Camera here in Indianapolis.  Every so often I do one of these sports workshops with Roberts because it’s great to give back to the photographic community and because people seem to really love them.  Secret is that so do I!  We usually get a group of people from every walk of live, with all kids of different cameras, lenses, skills, and interests sharing only the common thread of enjoying sports photography.  It shows too as most everybody does an incredible job working against any adversity with any equipment challenges they might have in order to triumphantly have some incredible photos to display afterwards.  It’s really great seeing all the emails pouring in afterwards about how much fun the experience was, as well as with some of the great photos captured!  With that said lets get started with a shot that I took.  I took my camera that night because I had never photographed the fuel before.  As I was there teaching I only shot 95 frames of the entire game.  Of those 95 frames 55 of them were of the fire in the beginning…… (Look! Squirrel!)

Fuel Workshop(Nikon D4s, 3200ISO, Nikon 70-200F2.8VR2@120mm.  1/1000th@F2.8)

So we all had a great time.  It all really worked out too since the group ended up migrating to the ADA section (mostly for wheelchairs) and had a great spot at the glass with some cushy chairs as well.  Talk about added bonus amirite?  Unfortunately there isn’t the space to put a bunch of photos up from everybody, but here is a selection of some of the stuff that was shot that evening.  Hopefully we will have our next adventure planned again soon, so that way the experience and joy can be had by many more.  Special thanks to the Indy Fuel and to John and Kelly over at Whiteshark Photographic for helping arrange the whole thing and of course Roberts who had the idea to get it all together.  If you’re interested in doing a workshop we are in the planning stages of several, so keep your eyes peeled! More soon!

MoreyS(Photo by Mike Morey at Downshift Photo)

Bob(Photo by Bob Weins)

Hockey-2015040428628(Photo by Bill Heath)