Hockey Photography Workshop Recap…

Last weekend, after I finished up a stressful run of work lasting about three weeks, I had the incredible pleasure of hosting what I think was the third Roberts Camera Hockey Photography workshop, hosted by the Indy Fuel.   I think this was the third one, but I’m having trouble verifying that.  Originally we did this with the Indiana ICE, but now the Indy Fuel is in town and through the general awesomeness of John and Kelly Wikman we were able to arrange to take a workshop group in to shoot the game.  Not from the cheap seats either mind you.  From THE seats to be in when you are photographing something like this.  It was, as it always is; A BLAST!


(Nikon D4s, 3200ISO, Nikon 70-200F2.8VR2@150mm 1/800th@F2.8).

The class got started the way it always does, with us finding a nice place to sit for a few minutes to admire our media credentials and address any camera setting confusion there might be.  Despite what Canon, or Nikon may tell you camera settings aren’t always simple anymore and in fact I commonly refer to the cameras menus and settings as Rocket Surgery.  Once the settings are explained, and the Wikmans say a few words of Hockey wisdom we unleash the class for full reign on the Hockey arena.  I wander around during the game to make sure everybody is ok, and like usual I have a camera with me to snap a few frames for the recap. (See the frame above).  After the fact the attendees are all welcome to send a photo for this recap since most of them are so excited about having shot the game.  Thanks to everybody that came out for a wonderful workshop, thanks to Roberts Camera or putting it all together, Jeff Moore from Roberts who came out to help make sure everything was taken care of and everybody had the chance to ask the questions they needed, and thanks to the Indy Fuel and the Wikmans for being such incredible hosts.  Here are some of the workshop attendee photos below.  More soon.

Jeff MOore

(Photo by Jeff Moore with a Nikon D810)

Glenn Devitt 2

(Photo by Glen DeVitt with a Canon 1D Mark IV)

Sandy Mahoney 2

(Photo by Sandy Mahoney with a Canon EOS 60D)

Emma Stout

(Photo by Emma Stout with a Canon EOS Rebel T5)

Indy Fuel vs Cyclones

(Photo by Julie Brown Sony 7R2)


(Photo by Mike Morey with a Nikon D600)

Tony STokes 2

(Photo by Tony Stokes with a Nikon D3100)