Here contains a list of the Equipment that I own, have in my possession and use on a Regular basis.  This stuff has been accrued over a period of years, if you’re just getting started then you should realize it takes time to build a list of stuff like this; it won’t happen overnight.

**This list is a work in progress, and items are subject to change or be removed at any time.  Items that are no longer Current will direct you to the most current replacement.

The list as of October of 2023

Z Mount Camera Bodies:

Nikon Z9

Nikon FTZ II Adapters 

Z Mount Lenses:

Nikon Z 14-25F2.8S 

Nikon Z AF-S 24-70S

Nikon Z AF-S 24-120S

Nikon Z AF-S 85 F1.2S

Nikon Z AF-S 105F2.8 MC Macro 

Nikon Z AF-s 70-200F2.8S

Nikon Z 100-400F4.5-5.6S

Nikon Z400F2.8TC 

Nikon Z AF-S 800F6.3 PF

Nikon Z 1.4x Teleconverter

Nikon Z 2.0x Teleconverter 

F Mount Lenses:

Nikon 8mm-15mmF3.5-4.5N

Nikon 14-24mm F2.8N

Sigma 28mm F1.4 Art

Sigma 50mm F1.4 ART

Nikon AF-S 70-200mm F2.8E FL VR

Nikon AF-S  70-300F4.5-5.6 ED VR

Nikon AF-S 200F2 VR2 N

Nikon AF-S 300mmF4 PF VR

Nikon AF-S 180-400F4VR FL with 1.4x TC

Nikon AF-S 500mm F5.6PF

Nikon AF-S 600mm F4 VR G

Sigma 150-600 F4-6.3 Contemporary

Nikkor-Reflex 50cm F5 (500mm F5 Mirror)

Nikon TC14eII 1.4x Teleconverter

Nikon TC20eIII 2x Teleconverter

** My long glass all has Zemlin Photo hoods, and my Z9s all have Zemlin Photo Eye Cups.

Online Teaching Gear:

Benro 3xs Cell Phone Gimbal

Saramonic Blink500 B4 (iphone model)

Saramonic Blink Me 2 wireless OLED Mics

Saramonic SmartMic

Apple iPhone 13 PRO 128gb 

Nanlite Litolite 5C

Nanlite Pavotube 6c 

Nanlite Forza 60 kit 

Nanlite FS300b kits

Rain Protection:

Aquatech Sport Sheild SS-600

Aquatech Sport Sheild SS-300

Zemlin Photo Eye Cups for Aquatech

Think Tank Hydrophobia for 70-200

SLR PRO Storm Jacket Medium and Large 


Formatt Hitech Modular Filter Holder System (100mm)

Formatt Hitech 77mm Front Screw Adapter

Formatt Hitech 100mm ND Master Kit SE


Delkin Pro 325gb CF Express BLACK cards ( 1300mb/s minimum sustained write) 

Delkin Pro 150gb CF Express BLACK cards ( 1300mb/s minimum sustained write) 

Delkin Pro 128gb CF Express BLACK cards ( 1300mb/s minimum sustained write) 

Delkin Pro 650gb CF Express Power G4 Card (800mb/s Minimum sustained read/write)

Delkin Pro 128GB CF Express Power Cards (17300mb/s, 1540mb/s)

SanDisk 256gb Pro Cine CFExpress Type B card

Delkin Pro 256GB CFExpress Power Card (1730/1450mb/s)

SanDisk 128gb CFExpress Card (1700/1200mb/s)

Delkin Pro USB 3.2 CFExpress Type B and SD Dual readers

ProGrade Dual CFExpress/SD USB C Card readers

Prograde Thundertbolt 3 CFExpress readers 

Large Scale Studio and Location Lighting:

Elinchrom FIVE Dual head Kit

Elinchrom THREE Dual kit

Elinchrom ONE Dual  and single kits 

Elinchrom ELB500 Two Head Kit

Elinchrom BRX500 Studio heads (I have more of these than I should probably own)

Elinchrom Style 1200r heads

Elinchrom Style 600r heads

Elinchrom 20,000mHh USB Battery Bank for Elinchrom ONE.

Studio/Location modifiers:

Elinchrom Softlite White Reflector 44cm/80 degrees with Reflector plate kit and diffusion sock

Elinchrom Litemov 74″ Octabank

Elinchrom Rotalux 53″ Octabox

Elinchrom Rotalux 53″ Hooded Diffuser 

Elinchrom Rotagrid for 53″ Octa

Elinchrom Rotalux 39″ Deep Octa

Elinchrom Rolagrid for 39″ Octa

Elinchrom Rotalux 27.5″ Deep Octa 

Elinchrom Rotagrid for 27.5″ Deep Octa

Elinchrom Rotagrid for 50x130cm Strip Boxes

Elinchrom Snaplux 35x70cm 

Elichrom Rotalux Rectabox 90cmx110cm 

Elinchrom Rotalux 50cmx130 Strip boxes 

Elinchrom Porrtalite 56cm Octabox for ELB500/400/Quadra

Elinchrom 21cm Complete reflector and grid set. 

Elinchrom Maxi Silver Reflector 40cm 33 Degrees

Elinchrom MK II Quadra Head adapters

Phottix 7″ Grid sets for for ELB500)

Umbrellas (lotsa Sizes from 12″ to 72″)


Profoto A1 and A1x

Profoto A2

Profoto Connect Pro for Nikon 

Small Flash Modifiers:

Phottix Varos S Pro Speedlight umbrella adapters

White Bedsheets

Numerous sized umbrellas ranging from 12″ to 72″

Profoto Snoot for A1/A2

Profoto Barn Doors for A1/A2

Profoto 2′ Clic Softbox for A1/A2

Profoto 2.7′ Clic Softbox for A1/A2

Color Gels:

Profoto A1/A2 Gel Kits

Rogue Color correction kit for speedlights

Roscoe Srobist Gel packs (Lotsa these as I tend to loose them…)

Roscoe Large 8×10 sized sheets of correction Gels

Roscoe 8×10 Theatrical Effects Gels

Triggering/metering for Small and Large Flash alike:

Elinchrom Skyport Pro Transmitters for Nikon

Pocket Wizard Plus III Transceivers

Pocket Wizard Multimax Transcievers

Profoto Connect Pro for Nikon 

Nikon WR-R10 radio 10 pin transmitter kit

Sekonic L-858DU with Elinchrom Wireless Module 

Computer Equipment:

Macbook Pro 16″ Laptop (2021 M1 Max with 32gb of Ram and 2TB hard drive)

Dell Ultrasharp U2723QE 27″ 4K Monitors 

128gb 11″ iPad Pro M1 wifi

Netgear Ninghthawk M5 Wireless Hotspot 5G Router ( ATT Pay as you go Sim Card)

Synology 1817+

Synology DX513 and DX517 Expansion units

Western Digital and Seagate NAS Drives in 4TB, 6TB, 8TB and 14T varieties.

Samsung USB2 Blu Ray Writer (Single USB Interface)

BluRay Writeable DVD Drive and Media

Sandisk Professional Pro G40SSD Drives (1TB, 2TB, and 4TB Varieties) 

XRite Color Checker 

XRite i1 Display Pro Photographers Kit. 

Computer Software:

Adobe Creative Cloud 2024

Adobe Lightroom CC

Capture One Pro 23

Tethering Equipment:

Tethertools 15″ Macbook Pro Aero Table

Tethertools XDC Duo

Tethertools 15″ Macbook Pro Friction Pad

Tethertools Rock Solid Master Articulating Arm

Tethertools Rock Solid Master Clamp

50′ worth of High Visibility Orange USB3.0 Tethering Extensions.

Jerk Stopper in line cable stops

Jerk Stopper Camera Support

Tethertools Air direct Wireless Tethering Solution 

Camera/light Supports:

Manfrotto 190GO tripod legs

Manfrotto XPRO Geared 3 way head with Adapto body

Benro TMA48CXL Tripod Legs

Manfrotto 12′ and 6′  Stacker Stands

Kupo 7′ Click Stands

Kupo Master 40″ C Stand with Turtle Base 

Kupo 40″ Grip Arm with Big Handle

Kupo 2.5″ Grip Head with Big Handle

Kupo 5″ Pin with standard mount for Kupo Grip head

Kupo Baby Boom

Manfrotto 420B Convertible Boom Stand

Remote Camera Supplies/Supports:

Manfrotto Magic Friction arms with quick release plate

Standard Manfrotto Magic Friction Arms

Glide Gear Lay Low floor plate

Manfrotto Micro Friction arm

Manfrotto SuperClamps

Saftey Cables (High Tensile Wire)

Manfrotto Xpro Ball head with 200PL

Pocket Wizard pre release trigger cables

Camera bags/Cases:

Think Tank Airport Takeoff

Think Tank Airport Security 3.o

Think Tank Airport Advantage XT

Tenba Axis 24L 

Think Tank Photo Urban Approach 10

Lowepro Slingpack AW200

ThinkTank Modular Belt

ThinkTank Modular belt Compartments (Various)

Manfrotto LW99 for lighting equipment

Pelican 1500 Series

Pelican 1550 Series

Pelican 1400 Series

Pelican Laptop 1490

Other Misc Accessories:

Nikon MC-36 Remote Cord

Nikon SC-28 Off Camera Cable

Nikon EL-EN18a, b, and c Batteries (bunch of em)

INOVA Bolt Flashlight

Stylus Streamlights for light painting (Multiple sets, Red, Green, Blue and White)

Manga Cart

Multicart R12RT All Terrain Multicart

Duct Tape

Gaff Tape (Black, White, Grey)

Framing Wire

LaCross Technology BC-700 Alpha Power battery Charger.

Eneloop AA Rechargeable batteries (an ungodly number of these)

Hedge Trimmer/Scisors

ESYNIC walkie talkie 4 pack with headsets

One thing that isn’t usually in the bag: My Sanity.