For the Dawgs…

Right now in Indiana there is only one thing on anybody’s mind. The Final 4. Right now Butler is the smallest school in Final 4 history to make it to the final game. That my friends; is EPIC. I’m sure I know quite a few people that are at the games too. Not just shooting, but people that are actually there to watch the basketball. Unfortunately as I’ve mentioned in the past, I’m not the shooter that gets sent to a sporting event like this. Not because I wouldn’t know how to shoot it but I just haven’t been in that particular game enough to be the one the newspaper sends. Everybody else? They’ve got their go to shooters already too, which leaves me to do things like this:

I shot that for one of the last “Rollin with Gunner” Video’s that we did for Bob Rohrman. Gunner and I had a bet that a lot of the Butler Student population didn’t know their own fight song. What we found was that we were right, and that they didn’t know it. Unfortunately when we tried again the following week while asking who was in the final four we were sent packing. Everybody knew that one, although even that week we had someone respond with. “heck no” when asked if they knew the fight song.

That’s a shot from one of my first blogs last year. It was during the 2009 Indiana All Star basketball games which are coming up again in June. I’ll be there for those, and I enjoy it every time. I’ve mentioned a few times that I used to shoot sports at Purdue. I definitely miss it, but I don’t miss having to manage a restaurant on the side to get by. I do tend to get plenty of sports time shooting Roller Derby though, which I certainly enjoy. I think the big difference is that the roller derby will let me run around and flail wildly as if I was chasing cars. Something that the people at Wolf Park were afraid I’d do if I ran around with the Wolves while I was there previously. Despite the fact that the wolves are actually socialized, there are very specific behaviors you need to avoid when around these wolves. An example of that would have been if I had been allowed to flail wildly running around the enclosure. Hense why I’m not allowed to go places sometimes. The kid in me comes out, and the next thing you know I’m wearing my pants like a cape.

That guy there seems pretty peaceful, and really is unless you run around like you’re prey. Prey of course being a camera guy running around flailing or the like, which never would have been allowed to happen. I highly recommend you check the place out though, as I said in my previous post. They have a great staff, and are very knowlegeable about the wolves. Plus if you’re interested in Nature Photography, they have an on staff wolf photographer that you can get shooting instruction from. Seriously. Check it out. Especially check it out if you’re interested in one of the p hoto classes. Very Cool.

I’m sure at least one person noticed it’s been a while since my last post. Been wicked busy. Gave a presentation on macro Photography last week that went over pretty well. Had people asking questions for two and a half hours afterward, I was incredibly humbled as to how people appreciated my work and felt like they could ask me questions. Thanks again to everyone who showed up. This Thursday I’m giving a presentation on shooting Sports, specifically Roller Derby for another group. They are excited and so am I. Also though I’ve got some neat things in mind for the photo below, but to make it interesting I’d like to invite people to leave some comments as to what they think should be done there. I’m also working on a great post about shooting water droplets so stay tuned because as always; More Soon.