Change of View…

Recently I’ve been going through a lot of old work and it’s funny how over time opinions change.  Some things that I’ve found I’ve wondered why I even shot, having been so proud of them way back when.  While other things I’ve found and have marked as trash, (to somehow have been saved by fate), which I now really don’t think are that bad.

(Nikon D2x, 100ISO, Nikon AF-s 28-70F2.8@28mm, 1/250th@F11)

Took that while on vacation a few years ago to see a college buddy who lived out in Salt Lake City.  We were on the way to the ski slopes for the day and I was just kind of snapping shots out the window of his Jeep Grand Cherokee while we went like a tourist because….well……that’s exactly what I was.  Shot some stuff of him doing all sorts of Ski related things too, but having looked at those I still didn’t like them.  Interested in trying that route again now that I know a few more things about photography, but even less now about Skiing.  Shannon suggests that I like some of these Mountain photos because the memory of how epic they were in person isn’t as fresh in my mind.  She’s probably right.  Either way I found a few shots that I liked, and might have to add back onto the website in some way or another.  Makes me want to go back through even more of the work and see what I can find.

Speaking of other work, last night I helped my friend Zed Martinez print a few large prints for his upcoming show at Oranje.  Drank some Gencon beer, “owled” a bit, had a good conversation about life, the world, camera’s and things while my Epson 7600 slowly but surely chipped away at the large scale reproductions.  He’s got some very intereseting work that you should go look at if you like to read and look and art and things.  I’d post one of his shots here but you should really just go check out all his work at his website. He’s got a book on kindle too, but after our conversations last night I’m more interested in the stories he was telling behind the photos in his Rockstar, and Chicken head Revival series.  All sorts of madness about Strippers buying him pizza over conversations of  Mortal Kombat.  The kind of stories that makes me wonder why I’m working on putting a book together myself… I digress.  Check his stuff out, he’ll be at Oranje this year which is something I’ve never done nor tried to do.  Bunch of work mixed into a couple of really large prints accompanied by a guest appearance by one of his “Rockstars”. Make sure to get an autograph as he’ll be there all night and you may never get the opportunity again.  His name has Umlaut’s in it, which means he’s someone you should have autograph something you own that’s valuable.

Speaking of shows, I’ve been accepted to show 9 Roller Derby images at a gallery in New York City from September to October, and then at the Men’s Roller Derby National Tournament.  Haven’t really figured out what I’m going to do, but the shot above is one that’s going out there.  Shannon and I are going to go out there in October for the closing party I think, that way it’s a little cheaper to haul the things back with us as opposed to ship them.  That’s all still kinda up in the air though as I haven’t even printed the 9 images yet much less framed them….  Will keep you posted.  Very Excited though as hey… It’s a show in New York right?  We’ll see what happens.  Lots of neat stuff coming down the pipe.  Projects, or otherwise.  More Soon.