Quick blog for now, I just wanted to point out that I’ve got a bunch of stuff popping up on Metromix this week. First off, as I mentioned several times along the way, last weekend I shot the Zombie month for the Naptown Roller Girls 2010 calendar. We allowed Metromix to cover the shoot, and while the shots don’t look anything like what the final is going to look like it’s a little behind the scenes action for you. So check that out here.

Metromix also launched some new Custom content this week. The content is called, “Rollin with Gunner.” It’s a video segment where Gunner takes a road trip to do various activities. The premise is that a road trip can be just a block away. You never know what kind of fun you’ll have along the way. The first installment takes us to the First Colt’s homegame where Gunner attempts to get fans to fill his Gas can with Beer. We had a lot of fun making the video, and next weeks is going to be good as well. Lets just say I had never seen a 400lb pumpkin before….. That’s next week though. You can however check out the tailgating here.

Otherwise It’s been crazy busy this week. Not sure what else to say actually. I’ll be videotaping a chariot race Saturday at Butler, and then Shooting KJ Testin’s first show as a headliner Saturday night. I’ve been doing lots of printing for Ultrasun this last week, and by lots of printing I mean lots. Just finished printing an 8’x 10′ wall for them. Talk about monstrous print. Most I’ve ever printed in one sitting, took 5 2’x10′ sections. Crazy big. Anyway I’m easily excited and I digress. To leave you for now though I’ve got some more behind the scenes. The video below is what I do for Ultrasun, other than parts. If you’ve ever wondered how to shoot a tanning bed you may be able to figure it out from the video below. No it’s not necessary to spin it in a circle just to shoot it, but that might have to do with the other part of the project I can’t talk about yet…..Just imagine. Getting dizzy in a tanning bed… what? I dont know where the Music came from either, sorry. It’s labeled as businessman in the “canned” folder at Indystar….. So if anybody knows who it is let me knwo and I’ll credit them. More soon.