A lot of people have been talking about how they are ready for 2009 to be over, and I could not agree more. 2009 has been a heckuva year for everyone as far as I can tell. Between Allergies, spider bites, and some other some super wild situations that you couldn’t think up no matter how many drugs you’d taken; I’m definitely ready for the greener grass in 2010. To commemorate the leaving of this outstandingly bleak 2009 for the bright new year to come, I’ve looked to Chase Jarvis for inspiration.

Chase released an iPhone app earlier this year named, “The Best Cam”. It’s short for the name of the book that goes with it, which is subsequently named; “The Best Camera is the one that you have with you”. I don’t own an iPhone, but I am a firm believer in this and I take several photos a day with my Palm Cellular phone. I can’t edit the photos in my phone so my photos are bound to be not as nifty or stylized as Chase’s, but I suppose that these just fall into my mentality where I like to retouch my photos as little as possible to get what I like. Either way, Here are some of my favorite cell phone pics from 2009. The Camera’s not the best, but neither are the pictures so it all fits perfectly with 2009. Either way I hope you enjoy seeing little bits of life through the eye of my phone right before the grass gets a little greaner on the other side. More soon.

(Titles are underneith.)

Passing Home.

Keep Chlled

Scaredy Cat