As I started many posts in 2011, I’ll start this one by commenting that I’ve been away a while in terms of the blog, but that’s something I want to get more consistent with this year.  Whether that means writing them ahead of time so that I can just push post when I get the chance, or whether that means taking a moment out every week in order to put something up; I’m looking to be more consistent while providing interesting (and in some cases grammatically correct) reading and Imagery for the people that continue to keep coming back around.

Last night I finished updating the gallery pages on my website, so head up to the menu up top and check it all out.  I have lots more images on my iPad, but I put some key ones up here.  It’s the first of a few changes in the pipe to be made to the website, but I wanted to entice people to go take a look.  Some of the changes that I’m working on include a gear page, as a lot of questions that I get are regards to the gear that I use.  Shannon added the ability to buy prints of any image you see on here, and dang is it swell!  I still need to work on the pricing with the company that’s helping us with it, but otherwise it’s a very cool feature.  Now I just have to shoot some stuff people want printed….  Also we are going to put some variation in the galley pages at some point.  That just means that there will be more images to look at, but they will be better categorized so you can find more easily what you’re interested in looking at.  (IE, Lomography, Art stuff, or Light Painting underneith the Personal Category).  Some of the already updated images like the one above are older, and I dug them out as I like them; feeling as though after a few years of not looking at them they should be included.  Images like the one above a lot of people have seen before.  Some images I couldn’t put up yet, as the products that they were shot for aren’t yet on the market.  Then there are images like the one below that people generally haven’t seen:

Guaranteed there’s some new stuff in there that’s not been shown on the blog, or on my facebook page though; so it’s worth taking a look.  The images here on WordPress look great as compared to how they sometimes appear on Flickr, or on Facebook.  In some cases it’s because I upload them larger than I’m supposed to, and you may have to wait a few seconds for them to come up.  Sorry about that, but I want the images displayed a certain way and in order to do that you may have to wait that extra second.  I can’t thank Shannon enough for all the work she’s done on my site over the last year to keep it up and running; despite any sort of kamikazi style web posting that I might do.  Turns out just running in and placing files all over my webspace wherever it’s convenient for me isn’t the right thing to do…. Like I said; Shannon puts up with a lot when it comes to me and I’ll forever be thankful.  I love her and she knows it.  Maybe someday I’ll understand the workings of the interwebz in more of a capacity than that of a monkey understands brain surgery.

Until I understand things Web, I’ll continue to attempt to understand things Photography.  Aside from the new SB-910, The Nikon D4 was announced last week and I’ll be the first to tell you I’m going to wait on it.  Seems to be a lot of that going around for whatever reason.  Seems like a pretty solid update, but for the moment I’m just going to hold tight.  I’ll see what I can do about getting an evaluation copy to write a few words on (if anybody’s interested), but otherwise my NPS priority purchase email was primarily to tell me I need to book more gigs this year.  Sometime later in the year the Guys at Roberts will find one for me Refurb or someone will buy it and fire 400 shots through it, in which case it will then become mine.  Until then I’m not planning on worrying about that kind of a purchase, much less about when or where I can buy XQD memory cards….

It’s another year alright.  Another year to start wondering where the jobs will come from, and if you’ll get paid in a timely manner.  Another year to hope the gear doesn’t break, or that someone doesn’t release “the next best thing” that you’ve got to go run and spend a buttload of money on if you want to consider staying in this game called Photography.  Another year to take lots of pictures.  Good or bad, being able to snap those frames or make those photos is a blessing.  I thank my Grandfathers and my Photo Professor for all they did for me in getting to this point and this upcoming year I’ll be attempting to return the favor.  I’ve given quite a few presentations and demonstrations, but Ivy Tech has decided to take me to the next step (in a sense).  Starting this Thursday, I’m teaching Photo 100 for Non Majors.  Back to the basics.  Things like Framing, exposure, Photoshop, Light painting……. Field trips to the park for the love of the craft.  Very excited about it.  Not sure how people sign up or if anybody is going to continue to show up to the class or not; but excited about the opportunity.  Just like all projects you start in life; I guess we’ll just see where it goes.  It’s a little late, but welcome to 2012….

More Soon.