Well. Today is the first in a long list of milestones. No, it isn’t the anniversary of the moon landing, no it isn’t my birthday today, nor is it the day Cheeto’s were invented. It’s not the anniversary of the first Nikon camera or Nikkor Lens. Not a Canon anniversary either. It’s not the anniversary of TTL, and it’s not the date that I have finally become a Millionaire Thousand-aire. No. Today however IS the 1 year birthday: of the blog.

(Image courtesy of Google Images)

Since 1 year ago, I’ve attempted to put up at least 1 post every week, if not 2. Some weeks are more successful than others, and sometimes I’ve just been too busy doing this thing that I love so much to put up a little something on the blog. Doesn’t mean I’ve forgotten it, after all I wasn’t sure I’d even make it a year when I started this little project. However, even the modest readership of this blog has kept it going and I’d like to thank everyone that has actually continued to read for the last year. Speaking of which, How many people do read the blog?

In the last year the blog has received almost 3,000 Absolute unique visitors from 56 countries. This doesn’t count RSS readership, which I know there are a few, but for whatever reason Google analytics doesn’t track Google Reader… What does this all mean? That I’m going to have to learn to write a little better because obviously people have been reading this. More Importantly, you seem to keep reading it.

The greatest moment in my photography thus far, was last month at the Purdue Grand Prix. Someone I didn’t know stopped me at the race to talk about my blog, and my work. It was an amazing experience, and it was great to know that people like my work. Photographer take photos for the photos to be seen. Thank you everyone, who enjoys looking at my work; and reading the stories on the blog that go with them. More Soon.