Going green seems to be the trend these days. Rechargeable batteries that you can charge 10,000 times and will hold their charge for 900% longer. Laptops that are made out of fewer parts, so there is less waste than ever before, and can also be recycled when they are done into lord knows what. Probably flowers, maybe that’s the secret ingredient to the batteries that last 900% longer;recycled laptops……mixed with Cheetos…. Anyway, everybody seems to be going green. Not long ago I was assigned to to shoot some photos for the Indianapolis Public Library system who just recently started using green library bags. Apparently you go into the library and pay a couple bucks, and in return you get Green (yet not actually GREEN) Library book bag.

(Canon EOS5D Mark II, 200ISO, Canon100mmF2.8 Macro, 1/125th@F3.5. Single Canon 580EX Speedlight put through a FotoRosa 16″ Softbox set to 1/4th power raised above right of Sue Fired by Pocket Wizard.)

That’s it. LIke I said, it’s not actually green, but it is definitely a green bag. Made out of some not so space age material that is good for the environment. Unfortunately the librarian that was assigned to me didn’t exactly know what the chemical makeup of the bags were, not that I’d have understood exactly what all that meant anyway, but I assure you that these were Green/Good for the environment bags.

(Canon EOS5D Mark II, 200ISO, Canon EF16-35mmF2.8L@16mm. 1/40th@F5. Single Canon 580EX Speedlight shot through a FotoRosa 16″ Softbox set to 1/4th power fired by pocket wizard to camera left. Single Canon 580EX SPeedlight zoomed to 35mm behind Sue set to 1/16th power bare light fired by pocket wizard.)

That’s Sue Kennedy. She runs the Irvington Library branch of the Indianapolis Public Library system. She was the major lead to the story in information regarding the bags. I asked her immediately if she invented these bags, and if the blue coloring was a side effect of the fact that the bags were actually green. She didn’t know. She did however seem to know the library like the back of her hand. She was continually putting books away as we were walking around the library. She knew exactly where they were, even spotting when one was out of place. I don’t know where half the things in my house belong, much less would I be able to recognize it being out of place at a glance. She seems to know her profession the way that most people dream of knowing what they do, but only a small percentage actually do. May we all one day be so lucky. More Soon.