I’ve had this itch to blog all week, and yet I just haven’t found the time. Been on the road a lot this week (almost 500 miles in the car), so I’ve had plenty of time to think about what I should blog about. Nothing really stands out more than an event that I shot this morning though; “Race for the Cure”.

(Canon EOS1D Mark II, 50ISO, Canon 70-200MMF2.8LIS@145mm, 1/8th@F32)

Yea I shot some engagement photos, I did the technology test last week by shooting a Nikon D2Xs at a concert vs a much newer more advanced D700 as well, and while those are both very worthy blog topics this one seems more relevant as the thoughts and memories are fresh in my mind. I’d say it was a tough thing to make it to as I was up late with a very lovely lady last night out on the town, but that I’m sure is nothing in comparison to what a lot of these women (and a few men) have gone through marching in this event.

(Canon EOS5D Mark II, 100ISO, Canon 16-35mmF2.8L@16mm, 1/100th@F10)

That was the scene at the IUPUI campus and Military park this morning at about quarter to 8 in the morning. I know some people that read this probably didn’t realize there as an 8AM that goes along with the 8PM, but trust me it does exist. Not only does it exist, but most of the people in the above photo were there much before then, preparing for their walk/run/race.

(Canon EOS5D Mark II, Canon 16-35mmF2.8L@16mm. 1/125th@F11)

It really was quite a sight seeing all the people running and walking for the cause. Very inspiring. There were a few Roller Derby ladies in the run/walk as well, however I didn’t run into them. I will see them in af ew hours though as today is the final bout for the 2009-2010 home season. I’m charging batteries and prepping gear pretty much at the same time that I type this. Double header, it’s a big day. Going to be zonked out tired at the end of it too, but as always I’ve got some neat stuff coming up for future blog material so stay tuned. More Soon.