So I promised a few folks a blog update today with a preview of the Hottest Bartenders in Indy. Problem is that It’s almost 2am, and I’ve got a 30 minute drive to shoot a wedding starting at 8AM. That means that I FAIL, and am not posting about the hot bartenders until later this weekend. So instead of the Hottest bartenders tonight, I’ve got something else. Meet the Hardee’s French Dip Maids…..

For all intents and purposes this image is straight out of the camera. The colors seem much more vibrant in photoshop than in Firefox, but oh well. Once the gallery comes out you can see the girls in their Fully Glory. Canon EOS 1D Mark II, 100ISO F11 1/125th/sec @17mm. There is a single solitary 580EX speedlight set to show stopping full power being shot through a Lumiquest Softbox 3.0 to camera left. You can actually even see it in the frame. Shows that this is untouched. Those hands on the bottom belong to my buddy Ben at the paper. He was a great voice activated light stand.

Anyway, I got the call to shoot these girls on Thursday afternoon this week and what can I say? I couldn’t think of a better thing to do on a Friday afternoon. That and I’m a guy, hot chicks in French Maid outfits? Heck yea! So sure enough, the girls got to the newspaper at a little after 5, and we went to the circle to take some shots. I wish I’d have had more time to spend with the girls because they were all really cool. Unfortunately I had to bolt so I could shoot some more bartendres. I mean that about them being cool though; not just hot girls in maid outfits, but cool girls. We talked about Chuck Norris, Sugar Free Red Bull, Genetic’s and a few other off topic things. I know a few people are going to PM me asking if I got phone numbers and the answer is no. I know, I know. Damn professionalism; once again I fail but whatever. It was a good time. Thanks again ladies!

Anyhoo…. There will be a full gallery of pics at in the next day or so. The Hot Shots hottest bartenders will be up there by Monday at 5pm too, so keep your eyes posted for that. I did promise a few I’d have some online before then, so keep your eyes peeled on here for that. Everybody likes some hot bartenders….. Until then though, Tomorrow I’m shooting Kenny and Sarah’s wedding and then Sunday I’ll be shooting a Dillenger themed month for the 2010 Roller Derby calendar. Busy weekend. More Soon.