Every so often I get to take a break from shooting jewelry, food, or other various products; and get to work with a lovely model like Julie. I don’t get to shoot a lot of fashion so when someone asks me to do it, I usually jump at the chance. We went to a house in the very northern part of Noblesville owned by Julie’s friend Daryl. I probably spelled that wrong, but that’s why I get paid to take pictures and not spell people’s names. Anyway, Daryl has an amazing house. It wasn’t quite finished, but that didn’t stop us from getting the shots that Julie wanted. She was looking for very magazine style editorial type shots. JC Penny kind of thing. She had a bunch of examples cut out of magazines which was extra super helpful. We got some great stuff.

These are the 90% finished product. All sharp as Shot (as an iphone text message used to say with the spell check turned on). My buddy Tom always tells me how anal I am about sharpness but hey; there’s nothing like a sharp picture. I’m trying to decide if there are any specialty effects I want to throw on some of the others. These though, I like just the way they are.

All these were shot with the D3 at 200ISO and I believe the 70-200 F2.8 VR lens. All were lit with various arrays of SB-800 and SB-900’s with softboxes, diffusers, or just straight flash depending on what our surroundings allowed.

Speaking of equipment though, I’d like to throw a special plug in for my Buddy Tommy at Klipsch. I spend a lot of time in various restaurants and cofee houses editing my photos. A few weeks ago I made mention of the fact that I broke my headphones and Tommy graciously supplied me with a new set. The Klipsch S2’s to be exact. Told me I could have them if I told him what I thought because they weren’t going to be out until July. Well Tommy: Freakin awesome. They fit snugly in my ears and give me plenty of sound while keeping the other outside noises out. By that, I mean that I can play music in Starbucks which is loud enough for me to hear very clearly without hearing the rest of the coffee grinders and Chatty Cathy’s in the joint. Plus they deliver such great sound that the volume isn’t even turned up that high on my MacbookPro. That means that when I accidentally pull the jack out of the laptop while listening to death metal, it doesn’t immediately drown out the Elton John they have playing causing a scene and glares of doom toward me from everybody in the Coffee shop. (What? You don’t listen to Death Metal while photoshopping? I don’t always either, but it’s been known to happen). Anyway; the point is that these suckers are awesome. Thanks again Tommy!

Been shooting some video recently, among other various product related things. Just got hooked up with April Morris at Express Effects Cosmetics and am helping her out with a project. I’m looking forward to seeing what kind of neat stuff we can accomplish as a team. Otherwise it’s been business as usual. Not enough sleep, too much Diet Coke, and a whole lot of time on the phone with various people. Have an AIGA meeting tomorrow, some video to edit, am headed to Louisville Saturday for Roller Derby, and then the Honor our Hero’s festival on the South side on Sunday. Can’t complain about having things to do. More soon.