This week started out being somewhat slow, but then ramped itself into 7th gear all of the sudden starting on Tuesday night/Wednesday morning. I’m trying out a new toy thanks to Jeff Penn at Nikon. It’s only to borrow and there will be more on that later, but I’m excited about it. No it’s not something that isn’t out yet either, so don’t think that I know something that other people dont know that they think they know. Last thing I want is for these guys to come after me:

(Nikon D3x, ISO 200, Nikon 18-35mm F3.5-4.5 @23mm, 1/200th@F5. Single SB-900 Speedlight to camera left fired by an SU-800 Speedlight commander from on Camera set to +3 output)

I’ve been trying to find anything to shoot just to put this thing through the ringer to see what it can do. I’ve shot 3 beds at Ultrasun this week, I’ve arranged for a fashion shoot at the beginning of next week, and I’m working on trying to get 2 derby shoots done before I leave for Canada next weekend. That means that the next post is going to be full of technical information and big pictures. (Hey that’s my kind of post! Big Pictures! EEEEEP!) It’s actually sort of rekindled the artistic shooting in me honestly. Wednesday night Brad and I went and shot downtown for about two hours, using our tripods as swords to fight off the homeless people muttering, “chaaaaange…..chaaaaaange” as if they were some sort of zombies.

We got some good stuff, but that’ll come in the next post too. Until then, I’m going to try to make the most out of this toy Nikon loaned me for a bit. I’m also going to try not to get hit by any motorcycles over the weekend with my friends from out of town. Seen it happen, figure it’s overrated. Not only that but State Farm is mailing me a check for that SB-800 that got eaten by the Hot Rod as seen in this post. I don’t think they will want to deal with me being run over so recently afterwards. Either way it’ll be nice to see my friends from out of state while not having to work the GP, and to have a full set of speedlights again to play with at the beginning of the week. Maybe I’ll shoot some GP stuff as just a fan; we’ll see. Until then, have a nice weekend. More soon.