This is a few weeks past but I thought I’d share it on here anyway. I figure why not have some content on the page when everything goes live right?

Joey Fingers approached me about this project a few weeks prior to shooting, wanting to know if I was interested in helping out. I liked the music he sent me and was looking to work on a project like this to really break into the video world with a bang! (I like things that go bang, comes with the territory of being easily amused….) We met with Jim Timperman who is an outstanding cinematographer. Like a real world cinematographer. The kind of guy who lives in Indiana but gets paid to go all over to film things anywhere. Great, very talented guy. That’s him to the left of the frame on the photo above (Photo by Brad Clampitt). That’s me on the bed mounting the 5D Mark II to the arm we had to suspend it over the bed. He was supervising me on the bed to either make sure ther was no funny business, or to make sure he wasn’t the one that dropped the camera on KJ……Freakin amazing camera by the way. Many of you should know I shoot Nikon, and all I can say is that I wish my D3 could put out video like that camera does…..

Anyway, the room above is the Mike Tyson Suite at the Canterbury hotel here in Indy. Great room, although needs some updating. Between all the gear that we all had, it was quite packed in there; even though the suite had 2 levels.

(Photo by Brad Clampitt)

We shot on other various locations though. Got some skyline, got some hallway, even had a few people almost interrupt filming because they wanted to take some photos. It realy was quite the experience. There are talks of doing another video in the next few months. I hope it all works out, I think KJ is very talented and deserves her chance for her music to be heard. I’m not much of a country fan, but I like her stuff. That’s enough from me though. Until next time; enjoy the video.