It was brought to my attention recently that I don’t post a lot of my more artistic works; either on my website or anywhere for that matter. This blog entry is dedicated to remedying that I suppose as the most recent to tell me this was my friend Dr. X.

Primarily a debate was launched about the difference between photographic styles. Dr. X Fancy’s himself as a much much more artistic style photographer, experimenting with Depth of Field abstract forms and ect ect. Dr. X makes me realize that having a release is very necessary in order to survive having a profession that is 95% of the rest of the worlds Hobby. In honor of Dr. X’s and my conversation I give you a few of: My Trees.

As shooting info, the first image of the blog was shot with a Canon 1D Mark II ISO 200, 1/50th at F14 @16mm. THe second image in the blog was the Nikon D3 320ISO 1/40th sec, 28-70mmF2.8@58mm F2.8. The last frame was the Nikon D3 ISO 100, 28-70mm@70mm F16, 17minute and 4 second exposure.

Why do I shoot trees? I have no idea. It just started one day on a shoot for the newspaper when I saw one, that I simply had to photograph. It was a strange thing, but that’s how it happened. I don’t go looking for my trees, but if I see one I definitely take a minute to snap a few frames. It’s not that Tree’s are my only outlet for creativity it’s just the one thing that I do for no purpose. I shoot the Trees just to shoot them. Not for anyone but myself. I have this one hanging as a 24″x36″ hanging above my computer at home:

(Nikon D3, 500ISO 60mm AF-S Macro @F10 1/60th)

I want to thank Dr. X for showing me that just because you shoot something just to shoot it doesn’t mean someone may not want to see it. I’d never really thought about selling prints of my trees, or setting up a gallery out there for people to see. Maybe someday if I have quite a few of them I can make a coffeetable book out of them or some jazz. I don’t know. I’ve got about 15 of them now, so slowly but surely I suppose. We’ll see if I even find any more to shoot after this. That would be my luck anyway now wouldn’t it?

Anyway, this week is more Bartenders. I’d post one, but I’ve got about 30 left to shoot this week, and that sounds like a nice surprise for next week. Next week also I’ve got another Roller Derby calendar shoot. Speaking of the Roller Derby, last night was the end of season Banquet. I was awarded the “Quentin Tarantino” award. ‘d say it was coveted, except I don’t think it existed until about 8pm last night. I also am not positive as to what it means, but all I have to say is: COOL! THANKS LADIES! Exciting week ahead indeed. Until then though, I leave you with one of Dr. X’s shots. Instead of Trees, he shoots doors. More soon.

(Photo by Dr. X)