Busy as a 3 year old…

So been keeping busy lately; which is all one can ask for in this kind of economy right? Been so busy I lost track of the blog even. Been shooting so much I am surprised I don’t have a blister on my little shootin finger. A few weeks ago I did the annual family shoot for my friend Shannon. Her little boy Gabe is awesome, I’ll never forget him looking at me, his mom, and his dad and yelling, “Come on guys!” while saving his hand in the direction that he ran off right towards the space between never never land and hot dog heaven…

(Nikon D700, 250ISO, Nikon 50mmF1.4AFS. 1/640th@F2)

That’s him, running away from the scene that I was trying to use as a family portrait. It was awesome, seriously. I laughed hard enough that I had to stop shooting while his mom and dad ran him down. I would have to say that he’s only slightly less squirrely than I am, but I think that’s a function of the fact that he’s probably mentally older than I am. He’s a busy boy. Looking at fish, flowers, picking his nose, sucking his thumb. He even took command of my D3 at one point and took the first photos of his life. They were a fun family to shoot and I can only wish that someday I’ll have the same.

(Nikon D700, 250ISO, Nikon 50mmF1.4AFS, 1/200th@F2)

These family shoots can be a heckuva lota fun because that’s what young kids are right? It’s a nice change from the hustle and bustle I find myself at the newspaper. Keeps things interesting if you will. Tomorrow I’ll deliver these images to the family and I’m sure they will be pleased as I am pleased with them. Busy week ahead otherwise, in fact I’ve got shoots lined up all of this upcoming week and weekend. Maybe some more ugly Christmas sweaters, possibly some stuff for a band here in Indy, potentially one or two other fun things as well. Like I said before; can’t complain about any of that. More soon.

(Nikon D700, 360ISO, Nikon 50mmF1.4AFS, 1/640th@F2)