Break the Silence…

To my dismay the blog has been silent for a few weeks.  There usually ends up being a break in the blog action this time of year, but this seems like an unnaturally long one.  Been doing a lot of video for the Star lately and I can’t complain.  In fact the clients can’t complain either, but it’s been very time intensive.   Between interviewing the Top Workplaces here in Indiana to put videos up on, meeting important folks such as the Top Nurses in the State, and visiting cancer survivors and Komen Race for the cure supporting shop owners like at Crimson Tate below; I’ve been busy.

(Canon 5D Mark II, 160ISO, Canon 70-200F2.8L@90mm.  1/160th@F2.8.  Single Canon 580EX Speedlight set to 1/8th in a 32″ umbrella above and camera left of the subject.  Single 580EX Speedlight on a pile of fabric to camera  set to 1/16th left aimed up and into the bolts in the background for kind of a rear fill. Both speedlights fired by Pocket Wizard Plus II’s from on the camera). 

Some of the stuff coming up includes a new light modifier by Rogue called the XL Pro Lighting kit.  Had it for a week now and it’s pretty sweet.  Can create a strip softbox out of it the size of my forearm which is large enough for an individual portrait, or a tabletop product shot in most cases using a speedlight on the fly.  Actually if you’re a repeat reader you might remember my review on the Rogue Master Lighting kit.  My only complaint with the kit was that it only came with 1 heavy duty rubberband to attach the Gels to your flash.  My point was that most people that are going to be doing off camera flash have more than one speedlight, and while I had the kit I found myself using tape like I normally do.  Well, to make a long story even longer; recently I’ve emailed back and forth with Rogue and in an exciting turn of events they have decided to include more than one silicone band in the Master Lighting kit, and Portrait kit from now on.  I’m not sure who all was part of the decision but I commend Rogue for listening to the suggestions of their consumers!  Win one for the little guys!

(Nikon D4, 400ISO, Nikon 70-200F2.8VR2@130mm.  1/100th@F2.8.  Single Nikon SB900 Speedlight set to 1/16th inside of the new Rogue XL Pro Lighting kit in Strip Softbox formation to camera right slightly above our subject.  Single Nikon SB700 set to 1/8th shot into the flags from the top of a Piano between the subject and the bacground.  Both Speedlights triggered by a Nikon SU-800 from the cameras hot shoe). 

Also working with my buddy Brad whom some of you should remember from the SKB hard Case video.  We’ll be working with the gizmo called the Cam Ranger.  Going to try to sweet talk Brad’s father into letting us do something neat video related with his 1973 Big Block Corvette, but we’ll see.  Lets also not forget the Indy 500 is right around the corner here in Indianapolis and more importantly, I’m getting married in a few weeks.  Keep your eyes peeled.  Some really neat stuff on the way.  More Soon.