Aunt Martha…..

Last weekend my Great Aunt Martha passed away. I received the call on the bus to Louisville with the Naptown Warning Belle’s roller derby team. My grandfather found her in her apartment Saturday when he went to check on her.

She had the thickest Croatian accent you’d ever find. I think most people will remember that she always had a smile on her face, even though nobody could understand a word she said. She referred to everybody as ‘young X’. Replace the X with whatever you may be. Young man, young woman, young dog, young car, ect ect. She was also especially known for her Christmas Cactus. (which I now own the offspring of). If I had a photo I could post of this, I’d do it; but unfortunately I can’t even find a photo of her currently. But anyway, she used to put Christmas lights on a cactus every year, because she was getting too old to carry or assemble the Christmas tree. Honestly the idea is brilliant, keeps us kids away from the presents before the big day for sure.

Despite all these things, she was layed to rest today. Our family, will miss her. My grandfather especially, who I believe is her only living relative here in the US. They were cousins. Since I can’t find a photo of her (and she didn’t like to have her picture taken anyway), I think I’ll end with a photo that she would have smiled at. A photo of my grandfather from last christmas, sharing a bite to eat with my sisters dog. More soon.