Awwww man, I dislike talking about myself like I dislike the act of shameless self promotion (arent these two things the same though?).  I’m just going to ramble then to fill this space.  I’m all about photography, and making pictures.  I’m so absolutely thrilled I am allowed and am trusted to share my vision with the world by any of my clients.  Most other photographers will tell you that their first word was Camera, Film, or even Kodak but not mine.  While I have a large collection of antique cameras (including an original Speed Graphic with some unused flash bulbs) Photography wasn’t my first thought in this world. My first word was Car and I drove my mom and dad nuts saying it until I learned my second word.  Truck.   I played Golf when I was younger and was a 5 handicap at my best before deciding two years into college I needed to figure out a real job.  Yup, photography was where my passions took me and I have been honored and humbled to say that and I haven’t looked back except to write this just now.

I’ve come a long way since then; I went to Purdue University in West Lafayette Indiana and studied photography.  After college I managed a restaurant for 6 months trying to find a photo job and to help fund my passions for photography.  I went to work for the Indianapolis Star newspaper until 2013 as a full time staff photographer and to this day I have no idea how I was so lucky as to be included in that group of exceptional photographers.  In 2013 I began my journey as a full time freelance photographer and I haven’t looked back.  With the most supportive wife on the planet and 4 demon cats I continue to document this journey on my blog which to my surprise had almost 40,000 unique visitors in 2016 even with a 3 month break from blogging in the middle.  Thank you all so much for keeping with me on this journey as well as I would love to thank all of my clients who have continued to trust me to make photos for a large number of varying needs.

Select Photography Clients include:

The Indiana Sports Corporation

Indiana University

Herff Jones

USA Today

Ultrasun USA

Dr. Mueller Tanning

Vera Bradley

University of Maryland

University of Michigan

University of Notre Dame

The Ohio State University

USA Diving/Team USA

Depauw University

The Kinney Group

The National Rifle Association

NBC Universal

Vitamin J

Paoli Furniture

Parker Automated Garage Services

Purdue University

Backbone Bourbon

Blue Sky Technology Partners


Atwood Mobile Products

Miller Senior Communities

Redbull International

Andrews and McNeel Publishing

Chip Ganassi Racing

Howl at the Moon

And many more…

Teaching Clients include:

Roberts Camera



Sigma Photo

Calumet Photo

The Mac Group

Ivy Tech

Photo Video EDU


Laying down Studio