A 1 Pound Baby…

At the end of last year, I had an incredible opportunity to meet and photograph a miracle.  This miracle was named Juniper and when she was born (6.5 years before the time of this writing) she weighed only 1 pound.  She was the size and weight of a Squirrel, or so I am told.  Here she is on the cover of this issue of the Indiana University Alumni Association.


That’s a photo of the magazine itself.  The image on the cover was shot by Cherie Diaz, and the artistic treatment was by the IU Alumni Association.  Last December I was asked about doing some photos for the inside story in the magazine, to show how Juniper has grown up since being “Squirrel sized”.

Nikon D850, 250ISO, Nikon 14-24F2.8N@14mm. 1/250th@F5.6. Single Phottix Indra500 set to iTTL -0.7 in a 27 inch Phottix Luna folding beauty dish to above camera right.

Juniper is just like any other little girl.  Loves to play, love puppies and was filled with energy.  She also has the coolest kid room I’ve ever seen in my life.  She and her parents were an absolute blast to meet and hang with for an afternoon while we shot some portraits of Junier and some photos of them just being themselves.  As I mentioned before, Juniper loves puppies and was very adamant that we included the puppies in the photoshoot too.

Nikon D850, 640ISO, Sigma 85F1.4ART, 1/200th@F1.4

Junipers parents are both professors of practice in journalism at Indiana University.  Her mother, Kelley Benham French is the author of the story in the IU Alumni magazine, which originally ran in the Washington Post in 2016.  It was an honor to meet and spend the afternoon with them and I can only hope the best for their, and Juniper’s future.  More soon.

Nikon D850, 400ISO, Sigma 24-70F2.8ART@34mm. 1/160th@F2.8. Single Phottix Indra500 set to iTTL on a stand 13 feet up to raise the ambient light in the room to match the outdoors of the windows.